Tours in Ferghana Valley


The nature of Fergana is unique. There are endless plains and deserts, green oases and majestic mountain ranges. In areas of unequalled landscapes, rare species of plants and animals were created national parks.cuisine.

Here you can meet and dunes, Saxaul groves and takyrs, sandy and rocky steppes, the area with fertile soil and impenetrable thickets, riparian forests and majestic mountains with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

Here creates the comfortable conditions for travel and leisure, where everyone can choose something for himself. You can choose to try romantic walking or going through the steep slopes and rocky areas, rivers and through mountain valleys.

  • When foreigners are asked about what is the most captivated in this town, many of them often cannot find the words. This bewitching town fascinates people with the peculiar atmosphere that gets inside, takes up residence in the soul and emerges with warm memories. It is a special, amazing town with own character. East is a philosophy, a way of thinking and way of life. And in these oriental towns such as Margilan you can forget about the time and immerse into one of the legends of Scheherazade’s tale.

    Only travel to Margilan can present extraordinary emotions of being in a small oasis of the Fergana Valley.


  • Rishtan is one of those places that amateurs ofbreathtaking scenery should definitely visit, the extraordinary beauty of thelandscapes, hospitable people and the incredibly beautiful masterpieces of theceramic artists - are not all things that attract people from over the world.

    After all, it is famous for its Rishtan ceramicartists. This craft survived thanks to several families of craftsmen, conveyingsecrets from generation to generation. Rishtan pottery stands out by wealth ofdecor. Recognize the ceramics of this ancient city is not difficult.

    The blue color is dominated in these pieces of art. Mastersfrom Rishtan have kept the recipe immortal majolica, the color of which doesnot tarnish with time.


  • Shahimardan is a small village located 50 km away from Fergana. It captivates many visitors with its charm, so we encourage you to visit this corner of paradise in the middle of the eastern Fergana Valley.

    Travel to Shahimardan will immerse every guest in the fascinating world of extraordinary sights, going on a journey through the history of the route medieval times. You will have an opportunity to learn the unique monuments of nature, which fascinated tourists from all over the world for many decades.

    Thanks to the beauty of these picturesque places the journey into the city will bring you a lot of pleasant experiences and memories.

    Shahimardan history. On the trail of legends

    Every traveler who wants to go to Shahimardan, looking forward to seeing the beautiful mountain countryside, filled with life-giving air of the foothills of the Alai Range. It is an ancient land, covered with legends. One of them is connected with the name of the landscaped town Kadam-Jai that located in the entrance to the mountain pass on the way to the settlement Shahimardan.


  • Towards a Genuine age of Andijan, until recently, historians have only imagined. It was believed that one of the major cities of the Ferghana Valley emerged more than two thousand years ago. Written sources of this period almost did not survive. But guesses of scientists a few years ago confirmed the sensational finds. At a depth of four meters was discovered archaeological complex. It dated back to VI-IV centuries BC.

    The earliest material - fragments of fortifications fortress - were found in the south-western part. Archaeologists have found evidence that the city did not just in its infancy, but developing. It found objects dating from the VI-IV century BC, in particular the set belonging to some of the Hellenistic culture.


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