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Khiva is an heiress of the great ancient world. Being one of the most longstanding Asian cities Khiva was established in the 5th century BC. For many ages Silk Road was traversing the main Central Asian cities connecting the east and west. Merchants stopped here rest. Drinking the crystal water from the source, they spoke with pleasure the words "Hey wah" (Oh, how great!). Therefore local inhabitants have given this place the name "Kheivahk". This bewitching legend narrates about the early establishment of the city of Khiva.

Yichan Kala is one of the main parts of the city and also was the first sight of Uzbekistan that was included to World Heritage List in 1991.

  • The name Khiva is mentioned in the hoary chronicles of the 10th century BC. In addition, Arab scholar Al Istakhriy introduced Khiva to the 30 largest cities of the time. And in the description of clandestine message for Khudaiberdiy, Khiva was characterized as "another fortress that founded on sand by son of Noah, and known as Kheivak".


    At present, historians have been exploring the ancient part of the city Yichang Kala with the excavation on the area 1,200 square meters. Khiva is the most popular city of Khorezm region which undergoes reiterated calamities. In Khoresm the source of life is a deep river Amu Darya (Oxus another name of the river) that has great historical value.

    The splendor of historical monuments of the city differs from objects of other cities because of the fact that all architecture preserved in its original form. The beauty and grandeur of the Khiva history and the charm of architectural monuments will impress even the most discerning traveler.

    Tall and elegant minarets, grandiose madrasahs and mosques, bustle and color of the bazaars, warm hospitality, fabulous legends, medieval palaces and mausoleums, ancient traditions of the local people and the endless sands of the Kyzyl Kum desert will leave a lasting impression in the memory of tourists.

  • You will be stunned by its incredible ancient buildings of Khiva. The arches of portals that decorated with beautiful marble could steal your heart and make a deep impression taking you back in time. Breathtaking impression of the beautiful historical places could charm you. All these different patterns, majolica of architectural monuments are all unique and priceless bewitching every visitor.

    Khiva sightseeing can impress by matchless harmony of the color and light that create prominent ensemble of architectural ideas and their implementation. Khiva has a unique atmosphere of early times, it is impossible to put into words you can only feel it.


    The history of the city very is multifaceted and exciting that charming you with magnificence and breathtaking impression. Near the modern city of Khiva visitors can see more than 50 ancient forts such as Ayaz Kala, Kala Guldursun, Kizil-Kala Ellik Kala, Toprak-Kala and others.

    If you order Tour to Khiva, you will visit every corner of this historical miracle, and learn the exciting history of the development of ancient city.

  • The refinement of the quiet and gentle shades of these architectural buildings makes deep impression on every visitor. Its green orchards make colorful atmosphere plunging you to the oriental tale.

    Modern Khiva is an outdoor museum claiming on the right to the title of "the eighth wonder of the world. " Extant architecture of the city allows to state that it was built according to the principles and characteristics of fortified cities of the ancient East. Here everyone can find something close to himself, a beautiful small street, a cozy cafe or tea, a small gift shop and a well-known shopping center Caravan Saray. Lovingly called as Caravan city it can attract anyone's attention by open air city-sized museum with narrow busy streets, old huge minarets, mausoleums.


    Modern architecture blends with this historical atmosphere of medieval times. Gradual upgrade of moribund late adobe buildings goes through different ways; individual housing construction reflects the cultural changes in everyday life and the emergence of new ideas in traditional architecture. Khiva is famous for bazaars, which since ancient times have been the busiest parts of the city especially crowded on Sundays.

    Almost all people from remote villages, as in ancient times, go to the market which is like a place unique exhibition of arts and crafts products, strict patterns of carpets, beautiful items made by best folk artists, fine bead embroidery, various national skullcaps, majolica and ceramics, engraving on copper, wooden made musical instruments etc.

    Each link of continuity of tradition traced to the ancient art of Khorezm.

    Khiva welcomes you with the hope that you will discover an atmosphere of Medieval.

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