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This city is located in the valley of Zarafshan, 360 km south-west of Tashkent (400 km by road). The city was named in honor of the great Uzbek poet A. Navoi. The main ethnic compositions are Uzbek, Russian and indigenous Kazakhs (these peoples together make up more than 75% of the total population of the city).

Since the founding of the Kazakh Soviet Republic Navoi region with the same name was included to Golodnostepskaya district and was a part of Kazakhstan. Golodnaya area (now Navoi and Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan) was passed in 1956 in part of Uzbekistan.

This highly industrial city has a good geographical location: it is situated at an altitude of 347 meters above sea level, on the left bankof the river Zarafshan, 100 km north-east of Bukhara. The population of Navoi city reached to 2011 more than 170,000 people.

In 1965 the architects of the city were awarded the Prize. At the very beginning of their work on erecting a new town in the Central Asian region, architects and builders are faced with many difficulties and challenges: climatic, technical, social. Building, engineering and irrigation facilities were being built on the edge of the sand Kyzylkum where it is common such conditions as withering sultry winds and dust storms.

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    The most ancient petroglyphs apparently differ from grace and compositional perfection. The ancient life was not quite hastily, and the meaning of the depicted carrying has a special significance. How else you can explain the long and painstaking work by knocking out or cutting of the veins in the rock deep furrows, and then carefully polished cleaved many places.

    More recent figures are not different so meticulous thoroughness and generally more lumpy and tough to execute. The symbols and signs weighed down by the knowledge of the outside world. And for their explanations have been invented paper.

    The ancient chroniclers can narrate to us the life of the remote ages. And this is invaluable.


  • But modern chroniclers, generally are vandals, than, friends and lovers, with which they wanted to be, judging by their inscriptions. Discover bewitching sights of Navoi, one of the beautiful cities of Central Asia. Navoi as a modern industrial city Navoi was built and became a symbol of youth and beauty of the country. Has become a new city and one of the leading industrial centers of Uzbekistan.

    Built here Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, which produces gold, which has received worldwide recognition, the association "Navoiazot", specializing in the production of fertilizers and synthetic fiber, electrochemical plant producing fertilizer for agro business. The basis of power ends with the largest modernization and many other industrial projects of national importance. Travel to Uzbekistan has a certain historical mystery bewitched by the sights of this oriental country. Quite rare in Asia you can find such a variety of landscapes and ineffaceable relics of the past. Sense the medieval spirit that store uniqueness of these places.


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