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Arriving in a new country, everybody wants to feel the national colour of this or that country. So, one component that gives Uzbekistan a special ethnic flavour is Uzbek cuisine.

It is an impossible task for a tourist to fully enjoy the Uzbek feast. The rich list of Uzbek dishes is amazing the untrained imagination of the traveler. Several nourishing Uzbek national dishes for a meal is the common hospitality for the Uzbek man.

If you are eager to know Uzbek culture, taste the Uzbek cooking.

  • A variety of Uzbek national dishes impresses with its unusual quantity and amazing taste.

    Everyone who has been in Uzbekistan, is immediately known such dishes as Uzbek pilaf, samsa, shashlik, manti, shurpa, lagman, khanum and many others.


  • Uzbek national cuisine is closely tied by Uzbek culture and traditions.

    Firstly, Uzbek people are very hospitable, and you will please an Uzbek man, if you accept an invitation to taste Uzbek national meals. Having come to Uzbek house, you will be offered to taste Uzbek cooking, and a seat away from the entrance that is considered a great respect.

    Traditional food in Uzbekistan begins from tea. And don’t be astonished and upset, if you find out little tea in your cup. According to Uzbek hospitality the more respectable guest, the less tea is poured into the cup, because regular pouring tea is regarded as care about the guest.


    Bread is of great respect in Uzbek national cuisine. It is always on the Uzbek dastarkhan (decorated tablecloth among the peoples of Central Asia). Patyr (type of Uzbek bread) is required to put "face" up. The eldest member of the family may break patyr. And only after this the rest of the family can start meal.

    In Uzbek culture it is normal when a man cook meals. Moreover, there is a special name for professional men cooks – oshpaz. Oshpaz is literally translated as an expert in cooking pilaf

    In general, Uzbek cuisine is a real universe, a journey which can take a lifetime, and it will be one of the best possible travelling. Having booked the tour to Uzbekistan, you will have a great opportunity to taste Uzbek traditional meals full of Eastern delicate smell and inimitable peculiar flavour.

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